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It's easy to forget that as your skin and hair changes over time, your makeup & hair routine needs to evolve too. Laurel's decades of experience and her clever and doable guidance have been a revelation to my old makeup habits. She has given me a confidence boost in understanding how make the most of my natural assets and hide the blemishes away, with a much needed makeup makeover. Everyone's milestone birthday deserves one of these. Thank you Laurel. You're a super-star!!
Lizzie Trevan
Lizzie Trevan
Director, Pucaluna
We engaged Laurel because of her exceptional technical skills, broad industry experience, and strong communication skills. She has the skill of being able to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively. I would recommend her to any brand needing in-depth technical make-up skills, and product experience combined with effective hands-on training - she proved to be an outstanding facilitator.
Charlotte Turner
National Training Manager, Trimex
Laurel is lovely to work with. I could not believe what she did with my hair and make up and am enlisting her help to learn some her tips and tricks.
Robin Low
Non-Executive Director
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